Miniature cooking, like ASMR is a thing…and it’s wonderful

Miniature cooking, like ASMR is a thing...and it's wonderful

Something about miniature cooking makes me smile and feel happy deep inside. Sure it’s useless, baffling and slightly weird but it’s also cute and there is something soothing and akin to ASMR to seeing a tiny kitchen, with tiny forks, tiny macaroni and a tiny amount of chicken. Then one gigantic hand stirring it and playing the master of that tiny universe. This Youtuber Miniature Cusina does some really lovely demonstrations of what you can do in a tiny kitchen!

It made me wonder… why is it that people like tiny things?

According to an article in Bustle, tiny things are comforting to us because they offer us a tiny world in which we can control everything and become the all omnipotent master of everything in our domain – kind of like the SIMS. It’s a place where psychological and physical control is total and we are essentially playing god. So there you go, a deep answer for a strange question!

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4 thoughts on “Miniature cooking, like ASMR is a thing…and it’s wonderful

  1. The tiny world of the model railway, dollhouse, battle fields and so on is perhaps a way to exert control over the world. The real world is beyond our grasp and chaotic. The miniature world is under full control and predictable. The model maker is a god in her self-created world where everything behaves as it ‘should’.

    Besides that, tiny food is a great way to eat everything and still be on a diet 🙂


    1. I know Peter such a lovely idea and not only for children, it’s clear that there is a deep psychological need that is being satisfied by both creating it and even watching it too, something unmistakably soothing. 🙂


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