Today is the day that terrorism came to New Zealand

Today is the day that terrorism came to New Zealand

I was just thinking the other day how innocent, easy-going and care-free New Zealand feels when you walk around in Wellington, compared to cities in Australia.

I was thinking how much safer New Zealand feels, at least for me, compared to Australia. Today is the day that terrorism and its associated paranoia, fear and sense of separation affected New Zealand and indelibly changed our country forever. Today I realised how simple and easy it is for someone to get a hold of high powered weapons and cause unbelievable devastation.

Today the unarmed Police in Christchurch had to take out their guns. It’s like someone has taken a giant shit all over everything great in New Zealand, the feeling you get here of complete safety. I’m not sure it will ever be the same here again.

I just can’t move or do anything today at all. It’s too sad to even believe.

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