The challenge of ruling a diverse nation never changes

The challenge of ruling a diverse nation never changes

This very weighty and important subject is as relevant right now as it was in the 16th Century.

That was when a Dutch engraving by artist Pieter van der Borcht the Elder managed to capture the complexity and challenging nature of geopolitics and ruling in a country with many different ideologies and in the midst of a culture war. 

The different ideologies and philosophies are show by the heads of different animals appearing like a scary hydra with many heads jostling for attention. This painting seems to be loud and reflects the confusing nature of having many voices all jockeying for power.  The potency of the imagery is still as powerful today as it was back then. 

Found on Public Domain Review.  this painting has found a home in the Rijksmuseum.  

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10 thoughts on “The challenge of ruling a diverse nation never changes

    1. Hi Jeremy I actually wrote that and then took down the straight away because I was worried I was going to cop some shit for it, and I dont think I could have handled that as the story is very personal. Not about the writing itself, I am totally fine with people giving me advice on how to improve my writing but because of the nature of the story. I am going to try and get it published in a literary magazine too so just going to hold off on publishing it here for now. I can send you a copy on email if you want to read the edited thing 3.5K words. But no worries if not


      1. What did you like about it? what do you think needs to be improved? Its going to be submitted to a literary journal.


      2. Can’t quite recall specific improvements. The writing had a flow to it, a dream-like quality, shifting in and out of memories. You could even play that up, pushing the reader forward without quite enough prep. the episodes of the mud/netball – tom? beach – clinic stand out for me


      3. Thanks so much Jeremy that really helps. I am glad you enjoyed it. My friend Nancy is proofing it and then I’ll submit to the journal 🙂 Fingers crossed


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