Another cathedral ceiling, this time in Wroclaw. Copyright Content Catnip 2016

Travel: Celestial ceilings and soaring skies in Poland

When I was in Poland, going around to all of the cathedrals and churches, there was a hushed reverence and peaceful vibe that permeated everything and everyone. It was akin to being wrapped inside of the embrace of a friend or loved one. Although I’m not a religious person at all I experienced a sense of sublime silence come over me and it reached deeply into my soul. I’ve always been a fan of the peacefulness of churches. I think some of these photographs that I took really encapsulate the atmosphere in these places and could be used as an album cover for a dreamy ambient music opus.

Celestial ceilings and soaring skies in Poland
An evocative ceiling in a cathedral in Krakow. Copyright Content Catnip 2016

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