Words and Music: Dave Clarke’s World Service & Shanghai

Words and Music: Miss Hollywood & Shanghai

I wrote this poem because I came across an album I hadn’t heard in years, it reminded me so much of Shanghai where I lived briefly as a teenager that I had this all rush into my head and I needed to get it out. So here is a memory purge of my time in Shanghai which goes hand-in-hand with the B-side Dave Clarke’s CD World Service which I was coincidentally listening to incessantly while in Shanghai on my CD walkman.


Rushing street lights

Streaking towards mayhem

Crowd around and push downwards

Weddings in white lace trails

And blushed rosy faces

Tourists, romantics, ancient memories

Lay waste to the tiny strip of Chinese gardens

A gaggle of grouped species

Shift and morph

Shoals of fish people move through the hard ocean of asphalt

In the carbon fibre glass walled shopping mall

Porcelain women on the big screen

Pursed luscious lips

Pale as ghosts and staring blankly

Into the future

Into the stars

While below their heavenly faces

External to the manicured clean world

Men wearing rags

Fight the pigeons for food

Light as feather, heavy as a door

Our spirits are lifted towards the neon-rimmed sky

And here’s the techno side of that album which is equally as bangin and equally as appropriate for the heaving metropolis that is Shanghai. 

Words and Music: Miss Hollywood & Shanghai

Dave Clarke – World Service full track listing on Discogs

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