<3 The Internet: eSkeletons of primates, monkeys and homo sapiens

eSkeletons is an ingenious online resource that compares the skeletons of primates and including the most notorious of the bipeds homo sapiens.

Created by the Department of Anthropology at the Univrsity of Texas in Austin, eSkeletons provides an interactive environment where visitors can examine skeletal anatomy through an osteology database.

It’s a very engaging and robust site where you can glimpse at 3D models of different primate bones and also the taxonomic/evolutionary tree of where each animal fits. Designed as a learning tool it’s quite fun to play with if you are (like me) a fan of the great apes, monkeys and primates. Discover more: http://eskeletons.org/

<3 The Internet: eSkeletons of primates, monkeys and homo sapiens

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