Famous fairytales reimagined as buildings

Federico Babina: Famous fairytales reimagined as buildings

Insanely creative Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina has immortalised artists, musicians, films and even countries as mid-century buildings, but he has turned his hand towards fairytales in this collection. The fairytale universe is reinvented to incorporate elements of timeless 50’s and 60’s building design so that it imparts personality and new dimension to the endlessly retold tales.

Through his illustrations, Babina imagines 17 structures that dance between reality and fantasy, with each architectural detail revealing information about the characters and story of the respective fairytale.

“My first steps as an architect were visiting the homes and castles of fairy tales that as a child made me travel with fantasy,” says Babina. “The lighted windows in the dark night that hide secrets and surprises, the objects that have been transformed and come to life, were for me a prelude to the universe of architecture and design.”

“The idea is to use architecture and its shapes to take part in the relate of stories, transforming the buildings into ‘narrative objects.’”

Enjoy all of the beautiful illustrations at Federico Babina’s site

Famous fairytales reimagined as buildings

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