Orange tree by Tavener Scholar

Wild Imaginings Part 4: Trees

You may not be aware, but there’s a plethora of sub-reddit pages that await your discovery. They feature the collective output of the wild imaginations of creative Reddit users. These people are both professional and amateur artists who contribute the most stunning and mind-bending illustrations and bring into this world the wild imaginings of fantasy, science fiction, fan art and pure human emotion.  In this new part of my blog, each Friday I’ll curate the best of these imaginary worlds and bring them to you, I hope you enjoy them.

Part 3: Trees

Orange Tree by Tavener Scholar. More by Tavener

The Leaves Have Eyes by Amorphisss. More by Amorphiss

By the Banyan Tree by Altalamatox. More by Altalamatox

Tree by Bogdan Rezunenko. More by Bogdan 



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