Music Review: Onuka are Ukrainian Future Garage Dynamite

Music Prediction: Onuka are Ukrainian #FutureGarage Dynamite

From what I can gather (by way of Google), Onuka aren’t really very well known yet in the Western World. Yet this #FutureHouse #Trap #FutureGarage duo from the Ukraine should be better known because they are quite frankly awesome. In the same glimmering stand alone way that Bjork, Jamie XX or Lorde are truly remarkable artists making unique genre-bending music that will define music for decades to come.

Music Prediction: Onuka are Ukrainian #FutureGarage Dynamite

The majority of the write ups about Onuka are in Russian and I’m afraid of resorting to the odd word combos that arise from Google Translate to get more information.

Here’s an epic video clip for ‘Misto’ which looks like their most recent single.

The video, like all exceptional music videos, allows us to see the world differently. It features the haunting, industrial landscapes of Kiev seen through a new lens. Not one of impending war and a climate of fear but of a thriving, creative, young, joyous and passionate perspective that makes Kiev seem like a place that I want to visit right now.

Onuka’s song ‘Look’ reminds me a lot of Goldfrappe’s Slide In. It also has some funky glimpses of late 90’s band The Cardigans with all of the sweet flutes and synth baselines.

Looking at all three singers from the different bands, they could be blonde sisters united in a catchy pop wonderland.

Just for comparison here’s Goldfrapp‘s song from the early 00’s Slide In

And Erase/Rewind by The Cardigans (late 90’s) 

Facts about Onuka

  • ONUKA is a Ukrainian band created by Ukrainian musicians Eugene Filatov (aka The Maneken) and Nata Zhizhchenko, the former vocalist of Tomato Jaws (Ukraine) and KOOQLA (Russia).
  • The Ukrainian word Onuka translates to granddaughter and is a tribute to lead singer Zhizhchenko’s grandfather.
  • The band’s instrumentation includes electronic drums, trombones, french horns, and the Ukrainian folk instruments bandura and sopilka.[3]
  • Onuka’s debut album was released on October 2014, and became the best-selling record in the Ukraine on iTunes.
  • Music Prediction: Onuka are Ukrainian #FutureGarage Dynamite

Discover more on YouTube.

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