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Book of Hours: Eric Gill at Terse

Action is for the sake of contemplation.

The active for the sake of the contemplative

To labour is to pray.

Work is the discipline (the yoga) by means of which

The body holds its noise and leaves the soul free a little.

Book of Hours: Eric Gill at Terse

Recreation is for the sake of work.

Leisure time is for the sake of recreation.

In order that the worker may the better return to work.

Games are like sleep – necessary for the health of the body and the mind.

A means to health.

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The health of the workman, the labourer, the man who prays, the contemplative.

Leisure is secular. Work in sacred.

Holidays are the active life, the working life is the contemplative life.

The object of leisure is work.

The object of work is holiness.

Eric Gill, Artist and Sculptor.

English (1882-1940).


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