Ethical Fashion Part 1: The Definitive 2015 Report

Ethical Fashion Part 1: The Definitive 2015 Report

What is the true cost of the clothes we wear? This is a question posed in the much-needed expose documentary about fashion and textile production in the Third World – True Cost, watch the trailer here:

Watching this documentary about fast fashion, it got me thinking about where I source my clothing from. I am not immune to the attractions of fashion. I’m a consumer, although I have started to question the purpose and the reasoning behind my purchases after watching this film.

Q. When did clothing become a disposal and consumable item that was essentially value-less?

A. When the price for making this clothing was so low that the item was almost worthless.

Somewhere along the line people are suffering from the Western World’s obsession with fast fashion. This was tragically made into a global issue when a sweat shop in Bangladesh, Rana Plaza collapsed, killing 1,100 workers.

This is the true cost of fashion. 

Following this tragic event, a change begun to happen in Australian and Kiwi fashion – slowly but surely fashion labels begun to take responsibility for their practices in the Third World, and reform their worker rights and working conditions to provide workers in these countries with the minimum assured rights to have a decent standard of living.

Ethical Fashion Part 1: The Definitive 2015 Report
Happy fashion models and the Rana Plaza reality

An independently commissioned report analysed and measured progress Read here to find out.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow where I expose the highly rated, ethical fashion brands and the unethical offenders.

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