Free Online Course for Dreamers: Origins – Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth and Life

This is quite possibly the most amazing course ever presented on Coursera. It’s called Origins – Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth and Life. A sweeping epic that begins at the moment of the Big Bang and the creation of matter and careens along at a throttling pace through Deep Time towards the Human Age, sometimes called Anthropocene Epoch (i.e. the current geological epoch where humans dominate the earth).

Have ever looked at the sky and wondered with amazement at how we got here? how we evolved from single celled organisms? If there is any life on other planets? what the meaning of all of this chaos is? Then you need to take this course!

What is beautiful about this course, to paraphrase the great and eminent Richard Dawkins, is that the course shows that science is the root of all wonder, not the antithesis of wonder. The beautiful logic of it all is stunning. The course is slightly challenging, but if you have an interest in science, history, anthropology, biology or you’re just simply curious about how the world was created and evolved, then you should give this course a look in. A warning: it is challenging but still couched in terms that are (mostly) accessible to anybody without a background in science.

It’s happening now. Eric Gehlin and I are taking it, come join us here!

Oh, and here’s a cool video tweeted today by RichardDawkins which is uncannily similar to the themes and preoccupations of the course. 

Let me know if you have taken the course and if you are enjoying it…



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2 thoughts on “Free Online Course for Dreamers: Origins – Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth and Life

  1. Fantastic class with an enthusiastic group of instructors that obviously put great effort into the structure of the course. Hurtling us through time with great depth.
    University of Copenhagen is now on my wish list of places to visit.

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