Awesome low-fi / house / ambient / psychedelic artists from New Zealand

An awesome playlist low-fi / house / ambient / psychedelic artists from New Zealand

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Aldous Harding

From Christchurch, Aldous Harding is known throughout the world for her strange, unnerving stage presence and her delicate and yet raw brand of folk. She’s quite enigmatic and unlike any other artist. You may take a while to warm to her and her music, and could just end up confused. But guaranteed that if you do persist, she will become quite an obsession. You don’t merely become a fan of Aldous Harding, you become devoted to her.


Wellington-based musician Jeremy Ross AKA Module describes his expansive classical/ambient music on his website:

“Its all about our TIME here on earth and all the things we experience with our emotions and minds. SPACE about our dreams, hopes and Inner and out of space concepts. and LOVE, finding true connections with each other which is what it’s all about really.

INFINITY FOREVER – Part 1 – Time (The Studio Sessions) by Module

Haast – Hāwea

An enigmatic electronic music artist from Wellington who creates experimental new age/meditative music. This album is a glorious blend of new age atmospherics and calming samples of waterfalls, birds and rustling trees in the Central Otago Lakes region of the South Island. It would make the perfect soundtrack for your next hike in New Zealand or a spacey and atmospheric road trip.

Haast – Hāwea by haast – hāwea

Mild Orange

Dunedin band Mild Orange are all about jangling and serene dream-pop that’s brimming with nostalgia, joy and romance. I really love this video clip and has they seem to have got several million views on it since it’s release a few months ago – it seems everyone else likes it too.

Look forward to seeing them in Wellington!

Vanessa Worm

Vanessa Worm is from Dunedin via Melbourne and Glasgow. Her debut album Vanessa 77 was delayed in release due to the pandemic. Thankfully, it is now finally released and it’s a full throttle punch in the guts of post-punk, funky house and dark electro-clash mixed around in a washing machine. It’s experimental and yet endlessly funky. It’s completely unique and exciting. A bit like listening to the early music of Peaches or X-Ray Specs – she has that same Don’t Give A Fuck energy.

VANESSA 77 by Vanessa Worm

Purple Pilgrims

Take one part Sonic Youth, one part Kate Bush, add a pinch of Cocteau Twins and you come close to the brilliance of Purple Pilgrims. This is atmospheric, operatic and surreal dream-pop that is unique, ecstatic and beautiful. The masterwork of sisters Clementine and Valentine Nixon who come from Tapu, a coastal hamlet in the North Island.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Auckland psychedelic rock band Unknown Mortal Orchestra moved to Oregon several years ago and have since achieved global success with their brand of funky, melodic and swirling synth-heavy psychadelic rock. They also have some pretty amazing and surreal anime video clips.

Connan Mockasin

Intergalactic traveller and trippy transplant from the psychadelic 60’s Tant Hosford AKA Connan Mockasin is from Te Awanga, a tiny beachy town in the North Island. with his shock of white blonde hair, he looks a bit like Andy Warhol. His surreal and disturbing video clips have gained millions of views. Especially the esoteric Forever Dolphin Love about a man obsessed with a woman-shaped porpoise. Off-key, slightly deranged and yet warmly melodic music for kooky people.

JJ Mist

Auckland based singer, songwriter and producer JJ Mist resurrects 80’s experimental and optimistic pop. Sounds a bit like Madonna or Whitney Houston during their heyday and also reminds me of City Pop, a genre of Japanese pop from the 80’s that has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. It’s so fun, infectious and enjoyable to listen to!

Communication by JJ Mist

Chaos in the CBD

Underground house producers, Kiwi brothers Ben and Louise Helliker-Hales are Chaos in the CBD. Their extensive back catalogue is full of acid house bangers and old-school sounding throwbacks along with a lot of atmospheric, jazzy and nostalgic house tracks. Perfect uplifting background music for coding, making food, working, dancing pretty much anything!

Emotional Intelligence / It's Up To Me by Chaos In The CBD

Here are the artists in one playlist. If you like it, don’t forget to visit bandcamp and buy it!

Let me know if you like these sounds. Also why not share your favourite music from your home country with me below…

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