Film Review: Cornershop (Kjötborg)

Film Review: Cornershop (Kjötborg)

This feel-good documentary is set in Reykjavík, Iceland on corner of Ásvallagata and Blómvallagata streets. Where there is a little unassuming grocery store called simply Kjötborg or Corner Shop.

Two brothers own and run the local shop, which they inherited from their parents. This is the last bastion of stores like this, as many others have gone broke due to the proliferation of department stores and supermarkets.

The store has a friendly and personalised service and the brothers go beyond the call of duty for the locals. They know everyone by name. And the store, based on its immense heart and kindness has become a community and social epicentre of the area. The brothers will order in anything to the store and get it for you. There is a real sense of old style community and humanity in this film, it’s the ultimate feel-good documentary and it makes the mundane, everyday world of people into something very beautiful and inspiring.

Film Review: Cornershop (Kjötborg)
Click the image to watch the full documentary

As far as I can tell, following the release of the documentary 10 years ago, the brothers and their store continue to do healthy trade. The film has made them into local legends and tourist attractions in their own right.

The best part is, you can watch the entire 48 minute documentary on Vimeo for free! It will be 48 minutes of having your faith restored in humanity, you will love it!

Watch the full documentary on Vimeo

The Cornershop ( original title Kjötborg ) from Hulda Ros Gudnadottir on Vimeo.

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