The sacred feminine: The art of Chie Yoshii

Chie Yoshii’s oil paintings explore timeless psychological themes and the inner landscape of women’s experiences. There’s a hint of luminosity to her panels that’s reminiscent of traditional Flemish paintings, although also a pagan symbolism and a dark sensuality to them as well.

The sacred feminine: The art of Chie Yoshii
The art of Chie Yoshii

Born in Kochi, Japan, Chie Yoshii moved to the US to complete a BFA at Massachusetts College of Art in 2000 and studied with a realist painter Adrian Gottlieb from 2002 to 2008.

The sacred feminine: The art of Chie Yoshii
The art of Chie Yoshii

Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries worldwide, including Dorothy Circus Gallery in Italy, Urban Nation in Germany, Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Thinkspace in Los Angeles, and William Baczek Fine Arts in Northampton, MA. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Much of her work is inspired by the relationship between human psychology and goddess archetypes and other archaic symbolism.

The art of Chie Yoshii
The art of Chie Yoshii

The enduring themes are woven into surrealities filled with symbols and visual narratives.

There’s an inherent dichotomy within the images, between novelty and nostalgia, innocence and sensuality, and strength and fragility, mirroring the complexity of our psyche.

Discover more and purchase her work here, and then follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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