Have a Creepy Haloween Won’t You

Have a Creepy Haloween Won't You

Here are some curated images from Reddit’s Creepy Old Pics a subreddit that will give you the creeps for sure. Haloween is really about the Pagan ritual of Sammhuin, although some people claim that Haloween has Christian roots, there is no denying that the two Haloween and Sammhuin  are culturally interrelated.

The idea of a scary holiday appeal to some. It’s one of the only times that it’s acceptable to don a costume and roam around as an adult and to revert back to world of make-believe. Therein lies its appeal. And yet, here are some vintage creepy images that may scare the crap out of you.

You have been warned… 


Creepy ass dolls
The grisly reality of early Victorian medicine
Creepy mechanical doll that crawls along the floor – from the Victorian era
Be careful or they might hear you…Children of the Corn
The People of the Izu Islands in Japan (Colourised)
Suzi, 1966
Satanic sacrifice at Bohemian Grove, 1906.
Word fail me!

K Thx…BYE!!!!

*cowers under blanket*

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