Philosophical Friday: The Pleasure of Being a Homebody

Philosophical Friday: The Pleasure of Being a Homebody

This poster is absolutely priceless, I found it on Reddit. 

While there’s much to be said for going on an epic journey into the unknown, or gearing up for a massive weekend festival, we are often champing at the bit when we see a line-up for a festival. Yet the reality is, we end up wearing wellies, having smeared dirty faces and waiting in a kilometre long line for the portable shitter. Essentially we become a part of the great and smelly unwashed – and for what? To see some band oscillate around the place wasted on stage and playing terribly? Often music festivals end up being a pretty mediocre experience, in the least they are very tough on the body and the mind. All of those faux Indian headresses get a bit repetitive after a while.

Philosophical Friday: The Pleasure of Being a Homebody

We neglect to realise how great our own homes really are…

Sure it’s exciting and thrilling to see bands or witness sword-swallowing magicians deep in the hills of Andalucia; or some lass wearing pasties on her nipples doing some burlesque; or whatever, but what we leave behind is equally as golden.

Our homes are not thrilling or out of the ordinary, but they are filled with the best kinds of creature comforts that we can imagine and with the right diversions, they can be fun too.

What do you think?

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