Cruelty Free Product Review: Nellie Tier’s Hydrating Mask

Product Review: Nellie Tier's Hydrating Mask

This is not a sponsored post – It’s yet another skin care product review of a terrific body lotion by New Zealand organic skincare range, Nellie Tier.

The botanical extracts in the Anar and Palmarosa Hydrating Mask are really soothing and cooling and tend to leave your skin feel refreshed. This sort of moisturiser is great for the summertime and drying, high heat environments. The price point is pretty reasonable at $45.00 NZD for a large jar, plus it makes me feel patriotic buying from a local Kiwi brand.

Yummy aromatics come from Rosehip, Pomegranate (anar) and Seabuckthorn and help with skin rejuvenation.

Product Review: Nellie Tier's Hydrating Mask

The ritual of putting on this moisturiser is unusual. It’s a moisturising mask, so it is somewhere between a mask and a moisturiser. This means that you leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes and then wipe off the excess. However the beautiful smells and cream seems a waste to take off and so I tend to leave it on and wait until it sinks into my skin and disappears. No harm done, and it makes for a deeper moisturising treatment.

This is a great all-round twice a day moisturiser that’s gentle enough for all skin types. I recommend it and give it a hearty 7/10.

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