Cruelty Free Product Review: Dream Cream

Cruelty Free Product Review: Dream Cream

As you well know, I am obsessed with trying out organic skin care from New Zealand and Australia. In the past I have reviewed Warbotanicals, Dermalab and other brands.

I always review skincare that I actually like and I haven’t been paid for this post at all, it’s not sponsored.

I came across Dream Cream skincare at a Wellness festival in Auckland recently, where I met the lovely owner Michelle Hewlett and her team. They had a stall there. I tried the products and instantly fell in love with them and had to buy the entire lot. However this wasn’t a purchase I regretted.

The Dream Cream skincare range does what other ranges claim to do but generally don’t – it moisturises and transforms the skin, making it as juicy and soft as a ripe apricot.  The fragrance and texture of the products is also amazing.

People who follow and read this blog’s skincare reviews will know that I only ever use organic, vegan and cruelty free skincare​. All the better when that skincare is owned and operated by a small business owner like Michelle who had a clear vision about her business and went for it. I find that all the more inspiring, the knowledge that I’m giving my money to the source of the product and the person who is most passionate about it.

Cruelty Free Product Review: Dream Cream

Buy Local, Buy Organic

When it comes to food, skincare and other products – it’s always better for the earth if you buy locally. This means that the products only ever travel a short distance to get to you and that’s a minimal impact on the environment. Dream Cream is a New Zealand based skincare range that’s made locally by a local small business. In a world filled with massive skincare companies, it’s a gutsy move to become a David and take on the Goliaths of the skincare world. However if your products are exceptional then I can’t help but rave about them!

The Story of Dream Cream

Cruelty Free Product Review: Dream Cream
Founder Michelle Hewlett, her husband Logan and baby

Dream Cream started with Michelle Hewlett’s mother who, after a surgical operation found her skin extremely dry and weak. She could not find any product on the market that was natural and affordable.

She began experimenting with plant and essential oils. Michelle loved what her mum created. After some further experimentation the two came up with the Dream Cream products available today. ​Michelle Hewlett’s dream of creating Dream Cream is also thanks to the support of her husband Logan and three cheeky kids.

Dream Cream Face Scrub 40g

This little beauty is choc-full of finely ground organic Himalayan salt and organic orange peel, the Dream Cream Face Scrub is not overtly abrasive or harsh on the skin. It has a gentle and pleasant exfoliation and afterwards it leaves your skin feeling really smooth and moisturised. I use this a few times per week and find it gives an intensive deep clean and sloughs away the days impurities out of my skin.

Dream Cream Oil Cleanse 80ml

At first glance, an oil based cleanser may seem unusual. Wouldn’t washing your skin with an oil be counter-intuitive and cause break-outs of pimples? Well actually no it doesn’t. Using an oil to clean and declog the skin is an ancient method that is really gentle and soothing on your skin and doesn’t result in breakouts. Oil based cleansers work with the skin’s natural oils rather than stripping away natural oils and causing the skin to dry out. The Dream Cream Oil Cleanse is matched to the pH of the skin and so naturally and gently cleanses the skin. I use this in the shower and then follow with a hot face towel. Afterwards my skin feels smooth, soft and thoroughly amazing.

Cruelty Free Product Review: Dream Cream

Dream Cream Face Gold 20g

Face Gold is a lovely and gentle face cream with lots of interesting hero ingredients in it that I haven’t seen before in skincare. She uses Turmeric Essential Oil. I am guessing that this is where the lovely golden colour and name comes from. Along with this there is Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic NZ Beeswax, a Calming blend of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils (including liberal amounts of frankincense).

Dream Cream Face Cream 40g

As an alternative to the Face Gold cream, this is the most ultra-moisturising and elegant mixture of ingredients that I’ve tried in a face cream before. I guess it must be right for my skin type then. This is a luxurious blend of Organic Hemp Seed Oil, beeswax, frankincense lavender. In terms of the texture, skin feel and the effect on the skin afterwards this face cream is the winner over the other one. But again this could be that it suits my skin better than the other one. So I recommend you try both and then make a decision.

Dream Cream Hand and Body Cream 80g

This is the ultimate all over, all-purpose body moisturiser that replenishes softness and suppleness in areas that need it – the shoulders, feet, hands and elbows. After being in the sun all day this is the perfect salve on summer burnt skin. On a recent trip to Australia, after sitting in the sun all day this cream literally saved my hide. There’s a lovely subtle but lingering lavender fragrance as well.

All of the products are incredibly rich and you only require a finger nail slither of them to coat a fair amount of skin. Therefore a small 40g pot of the Face Cream should keep you going for at least 2-3 months if you use it every day.

Each of the products have a wonderful gentle and appealing fragrance that isn’t overpowering, owing to an infusion of essential oils. This makes using them an experience akin to going to a spa, except that I’m doing it to myself in my own bathroom at home – which is a nice silly fantasy to indulge in.

Dream Cream’s range is the perfect accompaniment to a day at home in your PJs, with some girlfriends or with your partner and a great show on Netflix to binge watch.

Have a look at the full range of Dream Cream skincare

Cruelty Free Product Review: Dream Cream
This saved me throughout a holiday in Australia

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  1. Hello…
    Michelle’s mum here…….I love that you love these wonderfull……creams..
    They certainly changed my skin for the better when i needed it most…..
    Thank you so much for taking the time to put this review together…..
    I was certainly surprised to read it…….when Michelle posted it to media….
    Warm regards..


    1. Hi Sharon that’s such a lovely story about how you both came to make the creams. You must be very proud of your daughter. Really great stuff I am so enjoying using it. Xx

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