Stunningly Beautiful Meteorite Section Looks Like An Email From Space

Stunningly Beautiful Meteorite Section Looks Like An Email From Space

This striking and odd meteorite section looks like an email from space or a painting sent to earth by an alien race. For those who are curious (all of you!) these mystical, geometric markings are formed by post-atmospheric cooling.

Although these striations and patterns are made by nature, they are reminiscent of a flyer for a 90’s rave party or a digital image created by computer – it’s a futuristic techno-fantasy, yet these patterns were made by nature. Utterly amazing!  Click the picture for a closer view.

This meteorite section currently resides at the Cockburn Geological Museum in Edinburgh. Eric, this reminded me of your art!

meteorite section
Meteorite section looks like an email from space!


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8 thoughts on “Stunningly Beautiful Meteorite Section Looks Like An Email From Space

  1. I once saw a 3D artist use a pattern from a meteor section as part of a texture for a crashed spaceship. I was stunned by the effect of stress metal panels that he used from a pattern created by nature.

    There are several meteor slices at the Adler Planetarium here in Chicago. It’s been some years since I was last there. Maybe it’s time to visit again…



    1. AHHHH!! My hands shake and I hit enter before finishing!!!

      Meant to finish with:

      BTW-thanks for mentioning my art in your post. I am most grateful and honored.

      Best Regards,


    2. It’s totally amazing. Maybe you can integrate this into your story somehow the stress patterns? I send you my thoughts on it over email. I really love your ideas, it’s going to be great!


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