WordPress no longer autoposts to Twitter because of Musk…is this annoying to you?

Personally I have found this to be annoying because I share out my posts from here only to Twitter nowhere else.

Since Musk took over Twitter it is incredibly buggy, seedy and full of all sorts of unsavoury characters. Sort of like dropping into a party too late into the night (or towards sunrise) turning on the light and finding the remnants of the night before strewn out all over the place.

Yes, Twitter has undoubtedly become a messier, dirtier and more vicious place under Musk’s tutelage. Trolls, bots and sockpuppet accounts seem to be everywhere. Do you agree? Have you abandoned Twitter now and like many others started a Mastodon account? Since I cant autopost my blogs to Twitter and need to do it manually I am considering it.

What can you do about it? I am sorry I don’t really have an answer for that. It pisses me off how a formerly safe place for communities can be turned into an unsafe place in less than a year, just with a lack of care and a pure profit imperative. And how loyal WordPress bloggers can face a dissappearing readership due to Twitter’s CEO wanting to swing his teeny tiny dick around. Look away ladies.

Any thoughts let me know.

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21 thoughts on “WordPress no longer autoposts to Twitter because of Musk…is this annoying to you?

  1. I dropped Twitter when Musk took over and no long post or read anything there. Instagram is a better venue. So is Linkedin, depending on the audience you want to reach. At this writing, Germany is considering leveling fines against Twitter for hate speech that would put the company into bankruptcy.

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    1. Thanks for your advice Vic, I’m thinking of instagram, although i
      I don’t like how Instagram doesn’t allow you to post links back to your website I always found that a bit annoying. I really hope that Germany does punish them for their unethical amd dangerous behavior too. Thank you for your comment 🙏


  2. I hate it! Twitter’s where most of my audience is and it bugs me that I can’t share it automatically. Technically, it’s not a big deal, but it does bother me, nonetheless.


    1. Yes I feel your pain and annoyance Joanna! I hope that something changes about this, I have set up a Mastodon in the meantime but it means manually posting to there too. Will you try out something else like Instagram or Mastodon?


      1. I hope for some changes too…😔 I’ve never heard of Mastodon. What is it? And I used to have Instagram but I had more bots than followers and a lot of creepy DMs, so I deleted my account.

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      2. I know what you mean with instagram it is a bit weird like that, it’s why I don’t post my real face either just my logo it keeps it more anonymous and safe this way. On a positive note, doing this post has revealed the many caring and cool people are on the WordPress platform itself and it makes me more determined to read more and comment more on here where all the high quality content is! 😀

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    1. Yes, sockpuppet is a good term to describe an account set up by a nefarious actor – could be from China or Russia but may be in a western country as well, they post out divisive political stuff on Twitter to try and stoke arguments and bad vibes on there. It could be about trans rights, immigrants, could be throwing doubt on climate change or the Russian invasion, sometimes it is overtly racist or hateful to some group of people. They tend to cycle through various divisive topics and appear to have a fake photo and the way they write seems very contrived and just “off” somehow. These accounts can be hired for a specific purpose online to spread misinformation on a specific topic – a troll for hire basically. Then they move onto the next topic. Misinformation is a thing that was closely monitored on Twitter by researchers- until Musk decided to charge massive amounts of money to anyone seeking to track Twitter recently. https://www.forbes.com/sites/petersuciu/2022/03/10/russian-sock-puppets-spreading-misinformation-on-social-media-about-ukraine/?sh=550f3c25679b

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    1. Yeah I feel your pain and frustration with it Robert. I think if I remember correctly…you had a really healthy community on there of people sharing your stuff, same as me before than egotistical dickhead took over. Will you go to Mastodon or start up an Instagram account?

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      1. On a positive note, doing this post has revealed the many caring and cool people are on the WordPress platform itself and it makes me more determined to read more and comment more on here where all the high quality content is! 😀


  3. My wife and I gave up on Twitter and closed our accounts. We kept them for the longest time out of nostalgia, as we actually met on the platform, but the recent anti-LBGTQI hate drove us away. Mastodon wasn’t much better in my experience.

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    1. I am really sorry to hear that you felt unsafe on Twitter but not surprised, this is unacceptable and horrible. Did you find that people on Mastodon to be just as bad? This makes me angry. I hope you find a safe space on there for you to feel a part of a community. There are many servers on Mastodon and some are severely strict in banning people from their server who make bigoted and anti LGBTQI comments. https://mastodonservers.net/servers/lgbtq

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