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Xavi Druantia

Xavi Druantia’s Ancient Journey’ is a personal musical odyssey inspired by nature and ancient sounds all over the world

I play different traditional instruments from all over the world. My idea is to release these songs one by one, instead of all at once on a full album. How people consume music has changed a lot with new technologies. I think it no longer makes sense to wait to release an entire album, so my plan is to release singles one by one presented with videos created by me.

Xavi Druantia

Celtic blood runs through my veins, my great-grandparents were from Galicia

So I became interested in all music where bagpipes and flutes were played. I felt a strong wave of attraction to new Celtic music. I think that music is a very important sign of identity for a culture and we have to fight to preserve it.

The Hero is a classic lament by Scottish composer James Scott Skinner, dating from 1903

In 1996 Mike Oldfield recorded a very beautiful adaptation of this song for his album “The Voyager”. I loved this homage to Celtic music. In my version, I recorded instruments from different parts of the world: Native American flutes, shruti box from India, acoustic guitars, medieval European hurdy gurdy, etc. Shooting the video during Covid was complicated, so I took advantage of a weekend when the authorities let us go out and I shot the video clip in the mountains very quickly, on the fly.

I collaborated with singer Tripti Babbar a famous Bollywood song from the opposite side of the world

Here the magic of the internet and social networks came into play. I discovered Tripti Babbar, a talented young singer from Dheli with a beautiful voice on Instagram. We talked on Instagram and the idea of collaborating together grew. She showed me the classic version of that song from the 60s Bollywood scene and gave me the freedom to adapt that song into my style. It was a pleasure meeting Tripti and we plan to collaborate again.

My life partner Sïlvird and I covered Myrkur’s song Leaves of Yggdrasil in our native language Catalan

Sïlvird is my life partner and we live together in a city next to Barcelona, Catalunya. Sïlvird is a really good singer and I always love to do projects with her. We recorded the video during the covid lockdown in March. We were at home, so since we could not have exterior scenes, we let our imagination fly and created an abstract and creative video.

When I was a little kid, I loved listening to vintage vinyl with my parents

Lots of music was played in my house. I remember those Sunday mornings at home, Many times I imagined myself performing those songs in public, so I decided to start learning to play the guitar when I was 6 years old. Although I was shy and felt unable to play in front of people so I stopped taking classes.

When I started being a teenager I felt the call to play again. So I started having lessons and making my own recordings.

There were no computers or software available to me then. So I made home recordings with two tape recorders

I would tape onto one of the tape recorder and record the first layer of music. Then I played that recording as a backtrack in the radio and at the same time I played another instrument recording both sounds. In this way I layered the music, but the problem was that the more layers I recorded, the more noise was also recorded so you can imagine what a disaster of recordings I got hahaha. At 17 I formed a band with classmates.

Recording Native American style flutes for new songs 🏜.
Recording Native American style flutes for new songs 🏜.

I have always had a deep interest in ancient cultures and their music. Especially those cultures that have a deep respect and connection with nature

I have loved Native American culture since my teenage years when I spent my days reading books and listening to their songs and dances. I continued investigating sounds from different parts of the world. Another of my great passions of mine is traveling, so wherever I go I’m always interested in its culture and traditions and whenever I can, I bring some native instrument from there.

Xavi Druantia
Remembering my last trip through Viking lands…

Playing Native American flutes creates the sound of your own air coming out of your lungs

This gives the action of playing these flutes a magical vibration. You could say that this is the instrument most similar to singing. A deep and magical feeling is transmitted when playing the Native American flute.

Xavi Druantia
One of my favourite Native American flutes

If I could give advice to a younger musician I would say: ‘Play what’s in your soul and play without shyness’

Sometimes young people get carried away with fashions and complexes and this can block their creativity. They choose to not play a type of music as it’s deemed unfashionable, or freaky. This is a common mistake. I started playing the electric guitar in rock and heavy bands, and look how I have finished now! Ha ha ha

Xavi Druantia
Music was my first love and it will be my last. Music of the future and music of the past. To live without my music would be impossible to do. In this world of troubles, my music pulls me through.

We are surrounded by music that Mother Nature offers us, it’s as a beautiful gift

Nature is my greatest inspiration, without a doubt. If you close your eyes in the middle of the forest you can hear beautiful melodies. From birds singing to the water flowing in the stream to the sound of the leaves of the trees moved by the wind. Sïlvird and I are lucky to live at the foot of a Natural Park, so it’s very easy for us to go to the forest whenever we want (less now with the pandemic). A little further from home, just over an hour away, I have the beautiful Catalan Pyrenees with spectacular mountains and forests. That is without a doubt my favorite place to escape with my lovely dog and my girlfriend.

Here I am playing in the middle of the forest, and with my beautiful dog, Bruc

Enjoying some relaxing days surrounded by nature at 2.500 meters altitude with my fellow Mr. Bruc

One of the things I love most in music is exploring new sounds through traditional instruments from around the world.

This allows me to immerse myself in distant cultures and travel through them to anywhere in the world meeting a lot of beautiful people with the same passion and love for music. At the end, no matter where we are from, we all speak the same language through music.

I’ll be presenting more collaborative songs, in fact we are already preparing some news so stay tuned!

In terms of music, I would recommend some of Mike Oldfield albums

I have always liked Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou (AKA Vangelis) as well as other great cinematic soundtrack composers such as Hans Zimmer, John Williams, James Horner or Ennio Morricone. I am also influenced by traditional Celtic and Scandinavian folk bands as well as a lot of rock and heavy music by Pink Floyd, Queen, Led Zeppelin or The Doors to Epica, Nightwish, Delain, Within Temptation, etc.

Sacred Spirit, Chants and Dances of the Native Americans’ has accompanied me almost every night of my life since it was created 1994

I can affirm that this is the album that I have heard the most times in my life.

Discover my music and follow me and also my talented collaborators on these channels:

Instagram: @xavidruantia



Sïlvird: @silvird_music

Tripti Babbar: @itriptibabbar

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4 thoughts on “Artists & Writers in Their Own Words: Xavi Druantia

  1. Nice to meet you, Xavi. I’ve listened to your Hero song, collaborations, and now having a listen to Mike Oldfield. Really enjoyed your collaborations ~ reminds me of when I was living in Ecuador and heard their indigenous flute music as it sounded much like Native American music from the States. Following you on IG and YT. Love your music!


    1. Thanks Lani, I will send this to Xavi over email as I don’t know if he will read it here. I’m so happy his music resonated with you 💓 😁🌞


  2. Thank you very much for your kind words Lani 🙏 I’m really happy to know that you love my music and I appreciate your support following me on insta and youtube 😊 this is very important for me and it helps me a lot, so THANK YOU 💚✨


  3. Absolutely. It’s a competitive world out there, and I know how challenging it is to find an audience. Good luck and enjoy your gift for creating beautiful music! ❤


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