Emerging genius no. 5: Hiroshi Yoshimura - Soundscape 1 Surround

Emerging genius Hiroshi Yoshimura – Soundscape 1 Surround

Over the coming weeks I will share an eclectic lucky dip of music that I discovered and loved via subreddit /r/listentothis, Here is no.5 on the jukebox, Japanese ambient/new age producer Hiroshi Yoshimura’s floaty album Soundscape 1 Surround from 1986. 

There is something eerily familiar about Hiroshi Yoshimura’s 1986 album Soundscape 1 Surround. It’s so minimal and delicate it could be the soundtrack of any summer movie or backing soundtrack to a shopping centre, gallery or lift. Hiroshi was a minimal ambient composer who, in addition to a slew of cruisy and beautiful recordings, also made soundtracks for Tokyo museums, galleries, malls, train stations.

The music reverberates, ebbs and flows lazily like a soft breeze on water, it’s the perfect summer album for a long hot day by the pool or at the beach.  A luscious and timeless ambient album. Hiroshi Yoshimura is Japan’s answer to Brian Eno and he is just as prolific as Eno with many albums to his name.

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