On embracing restlessness

One of the dumbest things you can do is sit in one space and let the world pass you by. — Bob Propst, inventor of the office cubicle.

It’s important to not be boxed in, for all its literal and metaphorical senses. We need to be careful that we aren’t going to work in a box, sitting at work in a box, going home and watching a box and then eventually and sadly – departing from the world in a box.

On embracing restlessness

4 thoughts on “On embracing restlessness

  1. interesting how things developed. cars, also. boxes where people are separated, unlike old carriages or wagons that were open.

    1. I know, I watched documentary about the development of cubicles and it really is the yoke of sadness to me. It represents loneliness, separation, alienation and everything that’s wrong in the modern world. I guess some new organisations are changing this type of work environment and making it more collaborative and where people can bump into each other and talk – certainly more helpful from a mental health perspective.

      1. it is a tough question, so many things seem to be structured in unhealthy patterns. it’s worrisome.

      2. Yep I agree. Although I saw something on the news today about a company in Seattle who are paying everyone 70K even the CEO gets 70K, which is a really nice idea – its naive maybe but I still hope things change and companies are nicer to their staff.

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