Hawkins - Sea Clouds

2 thoughts on “clouds-cloudy-cold-167699

  1. Hi Catnip,

    Happy new year to you!

    I love this photo you have taken: clouds-cloudy-cold-167699 It’s simply stunning!

    I was wondering if you would be happy for me to us it on my website? I’ve created a documentary on Climate Change and travelled the world capture biodiversity loss due to habitat loss.

    I’d be truly grateful if this would be possible. I will credit you where possible.

    With warmest wishes,

    Ludo Brockway

    1. Hi Ludo, absolutely you can use this photo. It would be an honour. I also would be happy to profile your work on my blog if you like, this documentary sounds amazing and so important, I would be happy to talk about it on my blog, if you have any information at all about it, please send it my way. My email: thanks, from Athena AKA Content Catnip

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