Weirdly…I am getting almost no likes on my posts nowadays?!

I’ve been doing it regularly as usual and making each post high quality. I’ve been getting the same amount of traffic but hardly no likes or comments.

I know you all aren’t ignoring me, because on Twitter I seem to get a lot of feedback from people saying that they like these posts.

Anyway if you do see this post from me, and have seen others recently please reach out. I have been writing to WordPress Support for a number of weeks but they don’t think it’s an important enough query to warrant a reply.

On the other hand, if you feel that lately my posts have gone downhill and that’s why you don’t like them anymore, please let me know why. I will take the feedback constructively.

Published by Content Catnip

Content Catnip is a quirky internet wunderkammer written by an Intergalactic Space Māori named Content Catnip. Join me as I meander through the quirky and curious aspects of history, indigenous spirituality, the natural world, animals, art, storytelling, books, philosophy, travel, Māori culture and loads more.

15 thoughts on “Weirdly…I am getting almost no likes on my posts nowadays?!

    1. Thank you Karolina I am so glad you see these posts and you think they are interesting that is very encouraging. I will make more of the same. I really enjoy your rambling walks through Edinburgh as well as history on your blog so I hope you keep going too 😉


  1. I’ve noticed a lot of the interactions with my blog come via the WordPress Reader, rather than actual visits to the actual website. Perhaps it’s the same with you, and maybe the algorithms they use with showing posts on the Reader have changed? Who knows. But what you’re doing is still pretty cool so I wouldn’t worry about it.


    1. Thanks Terry I really appreciate that feedback and glad you still see my posts. 😁 Yeah interesting you say that about WordPress Reader. Maybe they are just becoming slack with both of our blogs seeing as we have been doing this a long time? I’ve still not heard back from them about the ticket I raised on this more than a month ago.


  2. I read all of your blogs Catnip. They are almost always unique, fascinating and well researched. You’ve turned me onto some great music, in particular.
    I come to the blogs via the notifications to my inbox, and when I open up the blog and hit like, it briefly shows a rectangular Mozilla Firefocx box, for about a second, which then disappears. The like doesn’t register. I’m not enough of a teccie to know how to get past this. Any ideas?
    Hope you keep blogging because you are a mine of information.
    Cheers, Kev x


  3. Thanks so much Kev!! I am so glad you like my posts and find them interesting will keep going then. That is really helpful feedback and I will give that to WordPress, hopefully they look into it this time. Thank you Kev for reading my stuff, it means a lot to me 😊👍


  4. Oh dear girl, I read every one of your posts and love them all, as always in awe of your word talent. If I had to make any comment at all it would be to say “When are you going to write that book?” (P.S. I have no idea how I got an http address as recorded below!! Never heard of


    1. Oh Nancy thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi. I am so glad to hear from you my sweet friend! How are things going for you in Melbourne with the lockdown? I hope family is bringing you what you need. If you have books though…that is a great start and you have thousands! I still haven’t written that book, my own silly insecurities are getting in the way. Worried it will end up being boring but I suppose I’ll never know unless I just write the bloody thing! Lots of love and hugs. Hope I can pop over for a cake and a chat again once covid is over.


      1. Thanks so much Nancy I am not sure I am brave enough tp write a book, unless its fiction, writing about my own life can get a bit scary, also people get annoyed when I use them as fodder in my stories. I need to learn how to mask things in stories better first!


  5. Still seeing everything here, doesn’t seem to be anything amiss on my end — unless of course I’ve missed heaps of your posts (have I?) Does seem a little unusual if you’re really noticing it though. I can’t say I’ve seen anything similar on my blog — though I only notice comments. Just keep typing away I say!


    1. Thanks for letting me know Jeremy, I will definitely keep going I hope you do too, as your posts are always insightful and your book reviews are great to find new books to read.


    1. Thank you Diana that is a lovely thing to say. I would like to say that straight back to you, as you are an incredible writer so please keep writing your blog, it has helped me and besides that, the beautiful writing is enjoyable in itself.


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