My grandmother and my great grandfather, early 50's, Gisborne. - Coloured by AI

Amazing Website Alert: Algorithmia allows you to colourise your old photos using AI

Some of these renders by Algorithmia were really wonderful, others were a bit wonky, but hey it's alright for zero effort at all on my part. Here are the before and afters of some of my family's black and white photos. Have a go at it yourself and let me know what you think of…

This Photoshopped Image Is Ridiculously Powerful

This Photoshopped Image Is Red Hot Provocative and Powerful

A cheap shot? Maybe. Provocative? Without a doubt. Here's what somebody on the internet photoshopped into a image of Holocaust survivors. This comes from the deepest part of the internet, via 4CHAN directly to you. What are your thoughts? Now whether or not the curator of this image intended it to have a feminist reading, it's…