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Welcome to Content Catnip. The quirky internet wunderkammer delivering juicy tidbits from little known sources.

Here is an introduction to Content Catnip’s innards. Enjoy the ride!

Vulcanised Words

The artistry of turning flimsy, unrelated words into fascinating synthetic compounds

Content Catnip - Vulcanised Words

Future Step Dub

Hardcore techno-mechano-artefacts of the future

Content Catnip - Future Step Dub

Modern Mysticism

A mix of Maori, Eastern, Celtic and Pagan mysticism

Content Catnip - Modern Mysticism

Inspirational People

Iconoclasts, rebels, challengers of the status quo. Custodians of all that’s beautiful and good in the world

Content Catnip - Inspirational People

Revolution of Love

Seeing political news, global war and tragic events through a loving lens

Revolution of Love

The Natural World

The living extant world and the world that history left behind. Amazing living things that challenge us to think differently about our surroundings

Content Catnip - The Natural World

Content Marketing

The methods and craft of unique brand storytelling

Content Catnip- Content Marketing

Quirky History/Historic Jukebox

Miraculous and oft forgotten pieces of history that need one last shot at glory

Ethical & Cruelty Free Products

High quality products that are not tested on animals and don’t contain palm oil

Every Picture Tells a Story

Provocative and emotional photos imbued with soul

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