The robot with the face only a roboticist could love

Telenoid is a genderless, limbless android that was birthed into the world by Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro a couple of years ago. He (or she) looks uncannily like a talking, moving Caspar the friendly ghost, but with a far more unnervingly human face. His truncated limbs wiggle and gesture as he sits on his custom-madeContinue reading “The robot with the face only a roboticist could love”

Impossibly Beautiful Sea Life of Sydney Harbour – Part 1

In case you’ve been living under a rock in the harbour, you will know that Sydney offers some amazing snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. It’s a really clean body of water. The proof is in the snorkelling too. A recent study revealed that Sydney harbour has more marine species than any other harbour in theContinue reading “Impossibly Beautiful Sea Life of Sydney Harbour – Part 1”

Leviathan or Lilliputian?

Great photography plays around with our perceptions of big and small. Here are two examples where it’s difficult to tell at first whether or not we’re looking at leviathan or lilliputian objects. Sam O’Hare’s New York City This is actually real and big rendering of NYC teeming with life. The illusion of smallness comes fromContinue reading “Leviathan or Lilliputian?”

23 Essentials for a Kick Ass Content Marketing Strategy

Content strategy is made up of several different stages. The most obvious and well-known part of the cycle is content creation. Although there’s a lot more to successful content strategy than this. These are analysis, taxonomy and audit, workflow reviews and distribution parts too. In this article we will be considering each individually and gainingContinue reading “23 Essentials for a Kick Ass Content Marketing Strategy”

The Electrifying Visionary Power of Nikola Tesla

During an exciting period of invention at the end of the 19th century, Nikola Tesla stumbled upon cosmic radio signals for the first time. He thought they were signs of intelligent life from Venus or Mars. He later said of the experience, “The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the firstContinue reading “The Electrifying Visionary Power of Nikola Tesla”

Amazing Vintage Star Wars Art

Ralph McQuarrie (1929-2012) was an American conceptual designer and illustrator. He had a keen sense of aesthetics and imagination that set him apart from other illustrators. So he was a natural choice for George Lucas, who looked to him for inspiration for the Star Wars trilogy. McQuarrie was responsible for designing many of the film’sContinue reading “Amazing Vintage Star Wars Art”

The Sky Bastard Who Ate My Ancestors in New Zealand

Introducing the Sky Bastard who terrified the shit out of my Maori ancestors in New Zealand… Common Name: Haast’s Eagle Scientific Name: Harpagornis moorei (Discovered and named by Julius von Haast in the 1870s) Traditional Name: Te Pouakai or Te Hokioi (Meaning the ‘Old Glutton’ in Maori) My Name for him: Sky Bastard (Why? Because he wasContinue reading “The Sky Bastard Who Ate My Ancestors in New Zealand”

Australia and New Zealand’s Coolest Gardens

Here in the southern hemisphere, we have a spectacular variety of ecological conditions, mammals and birds. From tropical and sweaty to arid and tinder dry. From swampy and sea level to sky-skimming and alpine. Aussie and Kiwi gardens are just blooming wonderful at any time of year. Here’s some award-winning and well-loved private gardens inContinue reading “Australia and New Zealand’s Coolest Gardens”

Historic Jukebox: Jamie XX & Edgar Allan Poe

Be transported into a different reality. With these floating, untethered words and music that I’ve curated or stumbled upon accidentally. In any case they are evocative and inspire deep escapism and magical voyages into the history of the world. Enjoy! There will be more Historic Jukebox to come! Instructions 1. Play Video. 2. Read Text.Continue reading “Historic Jukebox: Jamie XX & Edgar Allan Poe”