Travel: Arashiyama boat ride, Kyoto

Kyoto river boat ride adventure by Content Catnip TV

This is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for me and the Polish Bear, we went on a boat tour in Arashiyama in Kyoto in 2019, it was unforgettable. I took a lot of footage from my Canon and used a gimbal to smooth out the rocking on the boat and put it together as a vlog.

Hozugawa River Cruises (保津川下り, Hozugawa Kudari) are sightseeing boat rides down the Hozugawa River from Kameoka to Arashiyama. The cruises feature traditional style, flat bottomed boats piloted by boatmen who guide the craft with oars and bamboo poles. The boats take about two hours to leisurely wind their way down the river. You can also combine this with the Sagano scenic railway to come back if you like.

Here is my video of the boat ride

The nice little snack boat sidling up alongside us was a great surprise and that they sold beer was even more amazing on the summery hot day, we needed refreshment. Highly recommend this as a day trip if you ever go to Kyoto. It’s not as crowded or popular with western tourists as many of the other Kyoto sights and is pretty tranquil overall.

About the Hozugawa River

The Hozugawa River was originally used to transport logs that were used to build many of Kyoto and Osaka’s famous temples and castles. During the Edo Period the river was cleared of obstructions so that boats carrying grain, firewood and other cargo could safely navigate it. Trains and trucks eventually made river transport obsolete. However the picturesque nature of the river has made it great for sightseeing cruises.

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13 thoughts on “Travel: Arashiyama boat ride, Kyoto

    1. I think you would love it Jeremy, it is so very relaxing and chilled out, going in the late afternoon for the last boat ride was as the light was really beautiful during golden hour. The guys rowing the boat were really lovely and friendly. This is one of the lesser known things to do in Kyoto and definitely less touristy than other things, but was our favourite thing to do there.


      1. Oh not planned yet! But in the works. We’re trying to take more advantage of our proximity. If we book just a few weeks ahead tix to Japan can be like $170 NZ return which is quite tempting


      2. That is amazingly exciting these kinds of last minute trips! You are lucky being so close


    1. Thank you so much Georgina I’m really glad you enjoyed this 🤗 yes that floating boat was such a surprise and we were delighted by it, nobody on the boat expected it and it was very EXCITING!! I hope you’re doing well dear friend, hugs

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Kev I’m so glad you enjoyed this…yes that song fits eh it will forever remind me of that journey down the river. Hope Hope are going well and take care 🤗💚😻


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