My new project: Palm Oil Detectives & Creatives for Cool Creatures

Palm Oil Detectives

Hello my friend I hope you are going well

I have been busy with creating a new online community. It is driven by passion and was inspired by a deep love of animals and nature. Two months ago, I watched a David Attenborough documentary and sobbed because what’s happening to the natural world right now was too immense to comprehend. I think a lot of sensitive and creative people feel the same way as this, just devastated by what’s happening to animals.

I had a vivid dream one night about how I could help the situation. I awoke with a fully formed idea for a new kind of animal activism that’s driven by passionate artists, musicians and writers, yet also empowering for consumers in terms of how they can make simple changes in their lives. How they remain informed about supermarket brands that are destroying forests.

Palm Oil Detectives: Empowering creatives and consumers

Palm Oil Detectives is has three aspects to it:

1. A consumer activism website about stopping deforestation.

2 An online creative journal for artists, writers and musicians to share their work.

3. A catalogue of all of the species of animals that are either directly or indirectly threatened by deforestation.

I aggregated the latest research about palm oil from Greenpeace, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), Rainforest Action Network (RAN) and Chain Reaction Research.

I discovered that ‘sustainable RSPO certified palm oil’ in products is actually a scam and a greenwashing scandal. That the sustainable palm oil label on products when you dug into it, was an illusion. This is because big supermarket brands continue to buy palm oil from newly destroyed forests, not already destroyed forests. Meaning mass animal extinction occurs on an enormous scale.

Read more about Kelloggs on the Palm Oil Detectives website

Palm Oil is an ingredient in over 50% of supermarket products. So it’s really hard to get away from buying things containing it. However based on my research, I recommend people use this information to boycott major supermarket brands buying palm oil that comes from destroyed rainforests.

Brands to boycott because of their dirty supply chain include: Nestlé, Kelloggs, Unilever, Mondelēz, Johnson&Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive and L’Oreal. Until they leave the rainforests standing, the boycotts will remain in place. Alternative palm oil free products are also included on Palm Oil Detectives.

Over time, I want Palm Oil Detectives to evolve to include DIY home-made cleaning and personal care products. Find out why this is necessary here.

How you can help

1. Follow me on social media and my new site (links below) and share my posts about palm oil and endangered species using the hashtag #Boycott4Wildlife.

2. If you feel these ideas resonate with you, you can contribute art, writing or music to Creatives for Cool Creatures.

3. If you’re a conservationist working in this area and these ideas resonate with you, you can contribute blog posts to the website. See example here

4. If you are a plant-based food blogger or make your own natural products and these ideas resonate with you, you can contribute blog posts to the website.

URL and logo palm oil detectives

Follow Palm Oil Detectives, my new project here…

Creatives for Cool Creatures

$100 prize draws for each edition in the areas of music, art and writing. Find out more

Viva la revolución!

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8 thoughts on “My new project: Palm Oil Detectives & Creatives for Cool Creatures

    1. Thank you so much my friend, your contributions on minimalism, veganism and nature would be so amazing. You have my email 😘 send them through whenever you are ready. There’s no urgency from my end I’ve got a lot to do still on the website so its no rush with doing blog posts as it will take a while for me to post them. Big hugs and love to you Diana and I admire your brave and off-grid lifestyle 🤗 ❤


    1. I got your email replies love that you’re super busy (totally understandable) with bubs and so it’s totally fine by me if you want to delay on getting your interview questions back to me. You can have a look over at Palm OIl Detectives and see if you would like your interview to debut over there or on Content Catnip, it’s up to you! With Palm Oil Detectives it’s more participatory and you can have your own page and post new art there if you like, it just needs to have an animal focus 😉


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