Ancient Word of the Day: Stravaig

Ancient Word of the Day: Stravaig

Stravaig: v. to wander or amble without a purpose or destination in mind. Glad of the opportunity to explore and discover on foot, being unconstrained by time. (from Scots Gaelic)

Travel: Hiking in Ireland Copyright Content Catnip 2010
Travel: Hiking in Ireland Copyright Content Catnip 2010

Stravaig derives from eighteenth-century Scots extravage, meaning ‘wander about; digress, ramble in speech’, in turn derived from Medieval Latin extravagari ‘wander, stray beyond limits’. Stravaig, in various forms, is found in a wide range of Scottish texts from the late eighteenth-century onwards. Read more

Sense Siblings

Dander: A gentle walk

Geng: To walk

Fit Stramp: A footstep

Wengle: To twist and turn

~ Shetland walking words
Adventures on the Isle of Skye
Across the water looking forwards Dunvegan castle from Borerraig at the north western tip of the Isle of Skye. Content Catnip 2010

Nature, every now and then, Grows saucy and stravaigy.

Toorle : A Drama of Farm Life in the Lothians in Five Acts
by Samuel Mucklebackit (1903)
Travel: Walks along the Water of Leith, Edinburgh
Travel: Walks along the Water of Leith, Edinburgh Copyright Content Catnip 2017


Scots Word of the Season: Stravaig

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6 thoughts on “Ancient Word of the Day: Stravaig

    1. Yes there is nothing better than rambling and stopping whenever the mood takes you, so true Kev 👍 Thank you for your comment and hope you are having a good weekend 😊 That hike in Ireland was absolutely magical, some great walks there and such a magical historic place with crumbling ruins dating back to the start of Christianity. Hope to one day go back there, it’s closer for you maybe you can go? Xx


    1. That sounds like a nice holiday. I never got to the west coast but heard great things, it’s wild and rugged. Things have gotten a bit weird over there, thinking of you guys and sending hugs, a big merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 to you and your family Kev.


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