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Comforting thought: A 10th century Japanese poem about courage

Although the wind

Blows terribly here

the moonlight also leaks

between the roof planks

of this ruined house

~ Izumi Shikibu, 10th Century Japanese poet

Izumi Shikibu
Short film: Celestial wonders in downtown London

More inspiration

Remember that if you wall up your house too well you will stay dry, but you will stay moonless. We should strive to let the world into our lives, let love into our lives, let other people into our lives and let the night of risk and vulnerability into our lives. Our knowing and our fear keep out the moonlight. By letting the moonlight into our ruined house, we let in tenderness, courage and healing. ~ Joan Halifax. ‘Standing at the Edge: Finding Freedom Where Fear and Courage Meet.

5 thoughts on “Comforting thought: A 10th century Japanese poem about courage

    1. Yeah consider it to be a nice little palate cleanser – the poetry after the crappy year of 2020 hehe

  1. I love these poems. I’ve started working my way through the book of japanese death poems and in part one they trace the history of the poetic forms in japan. Fascinating!

    1. That book sounds amazing, would love to get it…what’s it called again, sorry I think you told me ages ago but I can’t remember. If you want, maybe you could share some on here, it would be amazing to read them!

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