Comforting thought: You shouldn’t want it all

You shouldn’t want it all by Piet Hein

You shouldn’t want it all

You are only one part

You own a world in the world

You need to make it whole

Choose just one path,

and be as one with it.

Other paths must wait.

We always come back.

Don’t hide from troubles.

Confront them here and now.

Finiteness is the very thing,

That makes it all worthwhile.

This is the Now you must be,

do and submit to.

That is finiteness,

We never come back.


Piet Hein (1905- 1996) was a Danish mathematician, designer, inventor, poet, author and polymath. He wrote short poems known as grooks and often wrote under the Old Norse pseudonym of Kumbel meaning tombstone.

“To bestow form on your life is, literally, to practise the existential art of living, which is only possible if we are willing to miss out on other things. If your life takes a certain form., it follows logically that it cannot take a myriad of others – you miss out on them.” ~ Svend Brinkmann, The Joy of Missing Out

3 thoughts on “Comforting thought: You shouldn’t want it all

  1. Lovely piece, well worthy of reflection. Reminded me of a comedy piece that I heard on the radio years ago where someone said, “you can’t have it all– where would you put it?” Still rings so true!

    1. Thank you. Yes it’s so true right πŸ™‚ Where would you put “it all”…and also having more of everything means more worry and responsibility to keep it all safe and sound πŸ˜‰ Thank you for stopping by and your comment. I have gone to your blog you have some wonderful stories there so have followed you now πŸ™‚

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