Mother nature

Mother Nature

I don’t really need people but people need me

Yes, your future depends on me

When I thrive, you thrive

When I falter, you falter, or worse

But I’ve been here for aeons

I have fed species greater than you, and

I have starved species greater than you

My oceans, my soil, my flowing streams, my forests,

They all can take you or leave you

How you chose to live each day whether you regard or

disregard me doesn’t really matter to me

One way or the other your actions will determine your fate not mine

Mother Nature

10 thoughts on “Mother Nature

  1. No need for humans on this earth
    They’ve been more trouble than they’re worth
    If Mother Nature had her way
    You’d all be gone by yesterday.

    1. Ah I love this…so profoundly true and relevant to right now….thank you so much for sharing this 🙂

      1. Have you seen the book ‘The World without us’ by Alan Weisman? The guy describes what would happen to the earth if humans suddenly disappeared….it’s on scribd as an audio-book. sounds interesting eh

      2. I have just looked it up…WOW! Looks really cool I will have a look in the library if they have it, otherwise I will buy it. Look forward to your thoughts on this one too after you have read it 🙂

    1. Yeah I know! And Julia Roberts did the poem so well, along with the visuals….incredibly powerful

    1. I know Diana, she is everything we should worship her, otherwise we will surely perish and most likely this will be sooner rather than later

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