Jim Bachor's ode to quaratine's humble heroes and strange commodities

10 uplifting things I found on the internet this week #4

I actually missed like 17 days since the last installment of this. Sorry about that, I have just been really busy. I have a lot of cool stuff to share if that’s any consolation.

Welcome to the Khruangbin funk train

Funkadelic purveyors of sunshine grooves Khruangbin have released another genius video clip. This time two very cool characters build and rate some choice sandcastles in the middle of London. I just can’t even!!! It’s too good to even put into words haha. If you don’t know who Khruangbin are, welcome to a world of funky laid-back tunes

This glittery worm with magical looking scales that lives in thermal vents on the ocean floor

A Japanese chef who makes pop-up art sketches of every meal he eats…

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The amazing family who created a scene-by-scene rendition of Journey’s Separate Ways

These Tolkienesque vases by Edouard Stellmacher..

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Jim Bachor’s ode to quaratine’s humble heroes and strange commodities

Jim Bachor's ode to quaratine's humble heroes and strange commodities

From Twisted Sifter

The story of how classic dance track Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy happened…

Exploring the ancient city of Pitigliano in Tuscany in 4K

This is a place I would definitely like to see after the quarantine has ended. The golden light and ancient crumbling ruins and narrow streets bring to mind Morocco for me, it looks beautiful!

Everything is strange. Life. People.

Robert Parker ’85 Again

This guy who goes to open homes and leaves creepy old photos with threatening messages on them hidden in the furniture…

Seen anything you liked this week that made your day a bit better? Send it my way below…

6 thoughts on “10 uplifting things I found on the internet this week #4

    1. I know Terry! It is such a classic song isn’t it, never gets boring, it always sounds fresh and amazing. To be honest I sort of stumbled on that video of Tuscany, I had never thought of this place before or known much about it, but the colours! I can now see why people obssess over this place, suddenly it makes sense. Also, with these 4K walking tours, you get a sense of how a place really looks, as it’s not edited and made to look pretty like so many travel vlogs πŸ™‚ So yeah…Tuscany definitely now on my list when the quarantine is all over – maybe next year

    1. I’m so glad Robert πŸ™‚ many more to come I promise, hope you’re doing well

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