Book Review: Making Magic by Briana Saussy

Book Review: Making Magic by Briana Saussy

Briana Saussy writer and founder of the Sacred Arts Academy in San Antonio, Texas has written an intimate, enjoyable and joyful guide to the art of creating spiritual rituals and ceremonies in your home. Making Magic is organised by technique and material. It makes the everyday rituals in our lives sacred and adds pleasure and meaning to them. Saussy is a skilled and poetic writer. Her evocative and stirring prose ushers you into the netherworld between the physical and spiritual realms.

Everything from time, the body, gardening, bathing, cooking, lighting candles and simply taking time to breathe and appreciate your home and your life is made sacred with the help of this book.

Instead of presenting abstracted occult or pagan concepts – this book helps you to meditate on and appreciate the moments that are sacred in your life and encourages you to use ritual to mark the important, everyday occurrences in your life. It’s a highly practical guide to pagan and witchcraft rituals. Saussy’s advice is pragmatic and only requires everyday items you can find around your home for performing the rituals. I really enjoyed this book. If you’re looking for a practical guide to infusing more magic into your busy life, this is the book – I would definitely recommend it. 4.5*/5

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