Book Review: Awaken in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-discovery by Mark Coleman


Awaken in the Wild is a really great introductory book about the connection between mindfulness and the natural world. Published in 2006, it feels before its time in terms of the themes of overstimulation from technology and mindfulness. There are around 40 brief and themed sections in the book, with a short lesson and then guidance on a meditation related to the theme. These bite-sized reflections on mindfulness and nature make this book a pure pleasure to read. Each section is perfect for when you’re tired and want something wholesome and beautiful to send you off into the nocturnal netherworld.

All meditations gently ask you to connect with the natural world and involve executing on simple advice, such as:

  • Taking a sensory break.
  • Turning towards the positive.
  • Skillfully working with painful emotions.

This is a great guide to contemplating these timeless topics. It’s possible to dip back into this book over and over again. Awaken in the Wild is a great bedside table companion to pick up and read when you need to have some grounding in awareness.

Also, if you find yourself being increasingly connected to technology rather than out in nature, this book will help you to cherish and rediscover nature and how it can heal you inside and out.

Although this is not a popular book and seems to have gone out of print, I would recommend you try and find it.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Awaken in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-discovery by Mark Coleman

  1. It would be very timely to ‘rediscover’ this book, and its idea of a sensory break. Two things that regularly iron out my neuroses are meditation and time spent in nature and the outdoors. If you can combine the two, the effects can be startling. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Content Catnip – Catnip, The World. – Digital dawdler, foodie, bookworm, culture vulture, rainbow lorikeet perennially in love with the arts, history and science. Constantly seeking inspiring people, knowledge and places.
      Content Catnip says:

      I know right? In crazy times like these the most sensible thing to do for one’s mental health is to get into mindfulness and get into is nature, you are right – the two combined are natural stress relievers and natural givers of peace and calm. Even the act of reading this book made me feel peaceful and calm, it’s really great I hope you can find a copy. Hope all is well with you and you’re looking after yourself in this topsy turvy world we now find ourselves in.

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