Mt Egmont Taranaki from the sky. Copyright Content Catnip 2020: A year of hope, peace and adventure

2020: A year of hope, peace and adventure

It’s now approaching February but hopefully it’s not too late to add a few things to my personal bucket list for the year. I don’t want to say new year’s resolutions because they may not be fulfilled in 2020 due to a lack of time.

1. Climbing Mt Taranaki

I did a lot of travel this week, to Dunedin, Christchurch and Auckland and on my way in the plane, I passed over the majestic Mt Taranaki in New Plymouth that rose above the clouds. First on this year’s bucket list, is climbing to the top of Mt Taranaki (or at least to the part where it is safest to go without risk of falling, as it is quite dangerous).

Although I have been on the mountain before, the Polish bear and I barely made it up half way because we didn’t have the right clothing on and got freezing, this time we hope to be more prepared.

Mt Egmont Taranaki from the sky. Copyright Content Catnip 2020: A year of hope, peace and adventure

2. Learning how to better record and mix ambient music

I have recently bought a blue yeti which I plan to use for a podcast for work, although it has great recording capabilities for music and ambient sound. I hope to use this to its full capacity this year and also to get Pro Tools and attempt to make some ambient music with sounds from my travels.

3. Listen to my mind and body and taking it slow

Too often when we have busy lives we can easily become over-wrought with anxiety and worries about whether we are doing enough, achieving enough or making the most out of every moment in life. Life becomes a to-do list or a check-list of tasks instead of a pleasure. I vow to listen to my body and mind and take it easy when I need to, just simply being instead of doing or creating things.

Mt Egmont Taranaki from the sky. Copyright Content Catnip 2020: A year of hope, peace and adventure

4. Giving love, seeking openness and connection

I vow to give love to myself and to others, and to be more open with people, instead of being reserved. I vow to seek meaningful connection with people who come into my life and not to be reluctant to connect.

5. Accepting help from other people

I find it difficult to accept help from other people in tasks at work or in my personal life. I rarely if ever, ask for any help with anything whether it’s a professional task or some emotional issue or problem in my personal life. As a result, I often feel very alone with my problems if they arise, and this year, I hope to change that and ask for help or support when I need it.

Mt Egmont Taranaki from the sky. Copyright Content Catnip 2020: A year of hope, peace and adventure

What things this year in your life are you hoping to change or improve, or simply to allow to be and exist without doing anything?


23 thoughts on “2020: A year of hope, peace and adventure

    1. Thanks Nancy and it’s so lovely to hear from you, I hope you’re doing well my lovely friend xx

    1. Helly my lovely friend..I didn’t write them for other people but yes you’re right they do indirectly help others. I hope to actually stick to them this year. What things do you hope to stick to this year?

  1. Excellent. Nourishing list. Makes me remember that I haven’t had my regular new year session yet…need to get on it. February is kinda too late.

      1. If you don’t already have a mac then logic is kind of off the table. I just mention it because it has absolutely everything you need for ambient music in one package — so you won’t need to go down the rabbit of comparing third party virtual instruments and soft-synths.
        Studio One and Cubase have light versions. Have a look at those. Or for electronic Reason and Ableton Live would be even more popular. Most of these, have demos to try out. Pro-tools is more a tracking/mixing platform and many are complaining since its move to a subscription service (though you may be able to just buy it – i’m not sure…)

      2. Thanks so much for this Jeremy, I think possibly Reason or Ableton Live would be better for me, judging by what you’re saying.

      3. This one looks good…the free one might be best for starting out , thanks Jeremy

      4. I have an ipad but it has gotten really old now, time for an upgrade probably

    1. A good one Diana, it can be difficult to say no to people…I understand that feeling.

      1. Yes, feels great doesn’t it!! So empowering to say no, especially when it’s something you really don’t want to do. My boss was asking me to work on a public holiday, I said no…felt empowered. I was worried how she would take it, but she was OK actually. It turns out setting boundaries for people, they respect it and don’t overstep again.

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