Kyoto river boat ride adventure by Content Catnip TV

Arashiyama is a charming little town just on the outskirts of Kyoto that features a lot of highly regarded UNESCO Heritage sites such as the Kinkaku-Ji temple. Although we found that surprisingly the most enjoyable activity was simply floating along the river in an old wooden boat and being guided by two funny guys, along with a few unexpected surprises down the river. Subscribe to my channel for more cool travel videos coming up via YouTube

While other more popular attractions in Kyoto like Gion (Geisha district), Kinkaku-Ji (the golden temple) and Nijo-jo Castle corral together heaving crowds of people, the Arashiyama river boat ride is a real undiscovered treasure that is often overlooked.

We went on this journey on a hot and sunny day, although I would imagine that rocketing through the canyons on a misty and colder day would have also been a beautiful experience.

I made this video using a Feiyutech g6 Plus gimbal for stabilisation, along with a Canon G7 x Mark II for the short dynamic shots. For super incredible zoom I used a Nikon CoolPix P900. To edit this I used Hit Film Express. I highly recommend Hit Film, it’s amazing and free and it allows for a lot more creative flexibility compared to Adobe Premier (which is a subscription service)

4 thoughts on “Kyoto river boat ride adventure by Content Catnip TV

  1. A beautiful video. When I lived in Kyoto in the 80s, we would walk up the train tracks (and through tunnels) to swim in this river (the Kurama) in heat of the summer. It was a delight, so close to the city, but so clean and beautiful and rarely another soul to be seen.

    1. What a delightful and beautiful memory, thanks for sharing it with me. This place has a special magic certainly and the river is still clean like that too, as far as I could tell.

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