Abandoned Desert Buildings On Creepy Lunar Landscapes

Travel: A creepy theme park to linger in your dreams

Like a dodgy acid trip or a Oompa Loompa village, this broken down theme park in New Jersey is enough to give you the shivers. Modelled on a Germanic Village, the candy coloured houses look like something out of a Grimm Fairytale. Fairytale Forest was built built by German Immigrant Paul Woehle in 1957 in Oakridge, NJ.

Woehle handmade each of the structures and they were appreciated by generations of kids. Until he died in the 1994 at the age of 96. His legacy was largely abandoned as the park was sold to a storage company and most of the vibrantly coloured buildings removed from the park.

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Found on Imgur, with thanks to PennyLaane from Reddit. 

14 thoughts on “Travel: A creepy theme park to linger in your dreams

    1. Me neither, perhaps some kind of creepy cartoonish mouse, but with an evil face. Imagine walking there in the darkness, spooky!

  1. I don’t know much about these American animals, yes I think a beaver has teeth like that or a groundhog, or perhaps it’s a giant squirrel LOL haha

    1. Are you sure? I think I would only want to if it was during the day time, after dark it would be like being in a horror movie!

      1. Yes me too! Sometimes but only if I know it’s not ‘for real’ scary…otherwise I get a bit freaked out!

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