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Travel: A sonic and visual journey into techno on the Tokyo to Kyoto Shinkansen

In November last year (and in June this year) I spent a lot of time going from place to place on the Shinkansens in Japan. I found the landscape really hypnotic. The whole experience of being in a swiftly moving and sleek metal worm as it snakes its way through the bowels of the countryside was strangely soothing.

When I was younger I used to go to raves a lot and many of these raves used Japan as aesthetic inspiration. These parties featured big and cutesy kawaii characters, along with fluffy neon apparel. The fashion was heavily influenced by Harajuku, neon lights and robots. So techno and Japan are closely linked in my mind. And that’s funny because Japan produces a lot of really cool electronic music and many famous musicians have played in the Liquid Rooms in Tokyo including my personal fav Jeff Mills. There are a lot of clubs in Shibuya, I have yet to go, to be honest I am probably getting a little too old to do that now. The hypnotic fast-pace of these classic techno tracks seemed to go well with the hypnotic landscapes of Japan whipping past on the bullet train. I hope you enjoy my sonic and visual journey.

Trains, Tokyo and techno – a melbourne connection…

Hardware 05 by Richie Rich
Hardware by Richie Rich, a compilation of dark techno from Melbourne in the year 2000

I even found the real life overpass from where a photo had been taken that featured on one of my favourite techno albums by Melbourne Rave Collective legend Richie Rich from the year 2000, called Hardware. A selection of driving and dark techno by Melbourne artists. The actual image on the album cover is from atop a train station overpass which looks down into the city from some station on the Odaiba monorail line. It was a special moment of kismet between past and present for me.

I hope you enjoy the music, let me know your thoughts…


6 thoughts on “Travel: A sonic and visual journey into techno on the Tokyo to Kyoto Shinkansen

    1. Aye. But a labour of love. Hope the music wasn’t too intense…I know your not a techno fan!

    1. I guess it’s an acquired taste, like olives or something. I hope you turned it down and enjoyed the visuals at least 🙂

      1. Love that hehe yes…techno is the durian fruit or vegemite music hehehe and glad you liked the visuals

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