Emerging Artist Profile: No Man’s Dream @No_MansDream

Emerging Artist Profile: No Man's Dream

Content Catnip recently interviewed highly talented 16 year old artist No Man’s Dream about his cool Twitter channel @No_MansDream and what inspires him to keep making extraordinary pixel art that’s vintage futuristic and video-game ready.

Growing up, I always daydreamed a lot…

Almost to the point my parents were once complained to by my teacher…hahaha. I think I realised somewhere along the line, just how amazing it would be to share with everyone why I’m always lost in my thoughts so much. I think that’s where the idea of art first came to me, just a vague idea really.” No Man’s Dream

My mom is an incredible artist…

From plain art to knitting to singing my mother is absolutely incredible at everything that can be considered as art. I’ve grown up listening to all her stories about how much she loved doing those. I think her words left a very big impression on me. Besides, art is fun no matter what the medium.

Music is such a huge part of my life…

I listen to a lot of Virtual Riot’s song but I think the songs that really inspire me to create art would be from PYLOT, F.O.O.L, Kozoro and C418.

I usually make pixel art but I’m massively inspired by musicians. Musical artists like Porter Robinson & C418 inspire me to no end. In terms of visual artists, I’d say Ozumikan, GuttyKreum, Waneella and 16pxl inspire me the most.

I don’t use anything apart from my half-dead laptop and a regular mouse…

I’ve tried with trackpad, it’s possible but takes a lot of time. There are times when I’m sure about what I want to draw and it’s very productive. I can stay up all night drawing then. But there are moments when I second guess myself and fall into a kind of artist’s block where no colors or idea makes any sense. But yeah, the so called “zone” is very fun to have once in a while.

If you enjoy doing something, you’re gonna be amazing at doing it eventually…

I kid you not, no matter how bad it you may be today. Also people may say comparing yourself with others is a bad habit but I personally have improved a lot just by telling myself I have to be better than that certain someone. Just to push myself even further.

I’m open for commissions…

Usually it’s through twitter direct messages. I only accept payment through PayPal. As for pricing, album cover art, banners and small gifs are $50 USD. If you would like the art scaled to A4 size then I would charge about $70 USD. Order something from me @No_MansDream

What is pixel art?

Pixel Art harks back to classic video games and arcade games such as Space Invaders (1978) and Pac-Man (1980), and 8-bit and 16-bit game consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (1983) and Sega Master System (1985).

This kind of digital art is created using software and hand-edited at pixel level. Kids of the 80’s will know and be fond of pixel art because of its twee, vintage memories of times gone by. This 80’s kid right here loves it for this reason!

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