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Kolejcowo: A cute and creepy version of Poland in Miniature

Currently, I’m in Poland and I didn’t hesitate to visit the Kolejcowo in Świebodzki Station in Wrocław. This is the largest model railway in Poland, but also a rather amazing depiction of how life in Poland actually looks. Everything, right down to the petrol stations, graffiti, and the shops actually exists in real life in the city of Wrocław and its surrounding towns and villages. I just love Poland and seeing this all in miniature was so charming I decided to make a video about it.

Notice the whimsical, cute and funny stories within the video? Oh gosh! Myself and others totally lost our shit over it. If you ever go to Wrocław, you really must go.

Readers of this blog know that I love tiny stuff. There’s a post about the tiny ASMR cooking sessions on YouTube, a post on tiny building sites, another post on tiny books, and this one on a tiny fantasy world made of vegetables.

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