Looking down on epic Wellington from Mt Kaukau


I set myself some daily/long-term goals on a whiteboard earlier this year. They were as follows:

  • To practice 10 units of Polish daily on Duolingo (prior to going to Poland in a month).
  • To finish producing 20 or so videos from my previous trip to Japan (before April).
  • To finish the first draft of a short story I have half written so far and submit it to a literary journal that has expressed interest in my pitch (before April).
  • To finish creating a 10 hour online training course from an online platform (deadline end of March).
  • To finish the second draft of my semi-autobiographical novel (Before December)

All within the space of several months and in addition to working. It sounded ambitious, but I thought it was achievable. I still do.

However in the past week my boyfriend and I moved from Auckland to Wellington. And we were so awe-struck by how beautiful it is and how friendly people are here, we have been traipsing around, hill-walking, chatting, doing nothing and drinking beer in all of the great pubs around here.

Many beer sampling and much taste-bud tantalising
Many beer sampling and much taste-bud tantalising along with CCR and Bob Seger listening

How is it that it’s so hard to finish something you know is really important? Such as a task that will clearly advance you in your career and also enrich you in the mind as well? Why is this hard right now? Why is it that this most critical and vital task is the most difficult to do? I wonder if anyone else feels the same. This is a bit of a brain fart I am not sure if anyone else is on the same page as me.

Wellington's moody views from the top of Mount Kaukau

I put away my whiteboard which loudly shouted tasks to me, into storage while we are in our transition period. So maybe it’s simply that I can’t see the blatant call to action each morning and have it kick my brain into action.

No where so far holds a candle to Khandallah but it's still early days
A lovely quirky wall mosaic in Khandallah

Taking a hiatus, moving cities and changing scenery can make you more creative, but can it also make you less motivated. As you see beautiful new things out your window and your first instinct is to get out there and explore them rather than sit down and do the necessary work that you know you are meant to do. The inner calling. What are your thoughts?

A tale of ancient gods and late night karaoke…how could anyone possibly do work when this is on. Too much fomo…had to investigate it further
Looking down on epic Wellington from Mt Kaukau
Epic views from Mt Kaukau

4 thoughts on “Procrastination…argh!

  1. Procrastination! I knew it well in my editing days. The benefit is that adrenalin builds up and it gives you such a nudge that you fly through the task — when you finally get around to it 🙂

  2. It is easy to get distracted in Wellington – one of my favourite cities in the world.

    Procrastination can be productive. My best inspiration always comes when I am doing nothing. The trick is to learn how to procrastinate productively. I never leave the house without a notebook so that productivity always has a place to flow.

    Also, I think that the most important productivity hack many people overlook is simply lowering your ambitions. The past two years I have dropped more projects than I completed. It is so easy to create lists of things you want to do, but to do them well I decided not to have more than three goals at a time. But that is so hard, because there are so many cool things to do.


    1. I love this idea Peter, procrastinating productively. Good tip with the notebook and focusing on three things only. Yes I agree, sometimes it’s good to let things go that aren’t a priority and focus on the bigger goals 🙂

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