Obligatory Christmas Post

Obligatory Christmas Post

Christmas is great if you can spend time with your family and see them. It’s also great if you have money for food or a place to call home, as many of us do.

It can be a magical time for many people, but for others it can be hellish. I know of a family who lost their mother at this time last year so it’s their first Christmas without her. Christmas then goes from symbolising love and togetherness to symbolising in the most poignant and awful way, how it will never be the same for them ever again.

Yes, Christmas can be totally fucked up for some people for this reason. With an increased risk of suicide and self-harm, as some people’s rich myriad of life experiences don’t match up to the traditional coming together of family and/or friends.

As I get older I realise this more and more. I think it’s associated with an increased awareness of your mortality and ageing that you realise the weightiness of yet another year gone and how fragile we all are on this planet that hurtles around the sun at an unfathomable pace.

As we get older and more cynical, we can see through all of the marketing spin that pervades every cm of sellable advertising space at Christmas.

The giving and receiving of stuff is a state-sponsored frenzy designed to boost the economy and to keep businesses afloat. It has absolutely fuck all to do with making anybody happier or more fulfilled with their lives. You spending money on a $600 Nintendo Switch for your kid isn’t going to make them happier. However you spending time doing something with them will definitely make them happier. For me the equation is obvious.

I suppose I might seem a little angry about that. Sorry for venting it’s just that I come from a family that goes absolutely mental at Christmas about buying expensive gifts and none of it really means anything. Yet for some reason they still do it.

Giving stuff is completely pointless unless there’s some highlight or memorable experience to go along with it, something enjoyable.

Jane and Michael would kill absolutely anyone if it meant that you felt the Christmas cheer
Jane and Michael would kill absolutely anyone if it meant that you felt the Christmas cheer

Disclaimer: I am very grateful and thankful that so far with some good fortune, in our family, we are all still present on this mortal coil to celebrate Christmas together…that above all is something to be very thankful for. I hope you have a lovely day, but if you aren’t because of some sad reason, I’ll be thinking of you! xx

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    1. Thanks Jeremy, I regreted posting it as I thought it was too negative and cynical but I thank you for your always supportive feedback Jeremy you are very kind. In my family they talk about volunteering in a homeless shelter to help people over Christmas, I hope we do it but it never seems to happen and I feel sad seeing people looking sad on Christmas…it just seems so unfair, but that;s life it’s just shit for some people and it’s timely and important to remember this as it makes you feel grateful for what you have and stop grumbling about what you don’t have.

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