A kooky modernist cuckoo clock

Would you buy this kooky modernist cuckoo clock?

Guido Zimmermann is a German graffiti artist who recently created Cuckoo Blocks, a remix on the traditional Germanic wooden cookoo clock of olden times. 

Forget about cutesy animals and people popping out of a wooden clock on the hour, this remake of a cuckoo clock takes inspiration from Brutalist architecture of tower blocks build in the middle of last century. 

According to Zimmermann, “The classic cuckoo clock is a symbol for prosperity in the middle class and is considered a kind of luxury for the home. The updated version, a prefabricated panel construction (Plattenbau) reveals today’s urban and social life in residential blocks.”

A kooky modernist cuckoo clock

Although Brutalism has now come back into vogue and is now celebrated as a style, for many years it was maligned for being bleak and unforgiving in appearance and was used solely for institutional buildings like hulking and imposing hospitals, schools and factories, as well as council housing. 

A kooky modernist cuckoo clock

What do you think of these clocks? Would you have one in your house?

6 thoughts on “Would you buy this kooky modernist cuckoo clock?

    1. Yeah that’s the thing with clocks, the ticking can really give me the shits at times too, at other times I find it soothing and comforting depending on my mood, it’s weird!

  1. I think they look a little grim all lined up! Interesting post – I had never considered it like that. Growing up in Australia, they were a quaint, exotic item from a far-away land – like something out of a fairy tale.

    1. Me too, I grew up in Australia too and cuckoo clocks are so exotic aren’t they. Seeing and hearing them do the coo-koo thing is very enchanting and fairy-tale like, I really wish I could own one. Possibly ETSY would be a good place to acquire one. Although right now I’m trying to declutter and get rid of things rather than purchase, this does look like a beauty though 🙂

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