Polski jedzenie/ Polish food: My om nom nom nominations

The nutritious order of things

Here’s a short media consumption list, from the worst and least nutritious to the most nurturing. Rule of thumb don’t eat anything that will give you cancer. 

Vice – The exhaust fan of a Chinese restaurant.

Buzzfeed – A soggy bagel brandished by a drunk guy who wants to fight you.

Instagram – A litre of gatorade and a fun size snickers bar

Facebook – Twice cooked Turducken

Twitter – All you can eat at Sizzler.

Linked In –  A dinner prepared by a celebrity chef with ingredients you’ve never heard before.

WordPress – A banana smoothie with cinnamon and cacao nibs.

Anything read on a kindle – A fat free version of your favourite food.

A Classic Book – A Japanese tea ceremony by Geishas.

3 thoughts on “The nutritious order of things

  1. Great stuff! But my poor fat-free kindle…it’s single-handedly tripled my reading so for me it’s more like an international buffet. Full fat! Facebook? McDonald’s fries with crack cocaine salt

    1. Hehehe I am glad someone understood my weird musings. Yes kindle is a smorgasbord of knowledge. Facebook is a steaming pile of shite let’s be honest hehe. My family gets annoyed when I go off there because they miss me so sadly I’m tethered to Facebook like dragging around a rotting fish corpse behind me with all the shite that people dribble on there I really wish I could leave 😉

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