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Five YouTube Channels to Help Women Change Their Lives

This is very personal. I’ve found that by using these five channels on YouTube I have really gained a lot from life and these channels have helped me with my personal growth in fitness, health, wellness and happiness. I hope you will check them out and enjoy them as much as I do.

By the way this is not a paid endorsement, I genuinely have found these channels to be useful and helpful.

Kit Rich: Pilates 

Kit Rich has a positive outlook and a motivating way about her which makes her pilates workouts very inclusive and encouraging. Her pilates work outs actually work. A half hour a day for a solid week and you can transform your flabby tummy into rock solid abs. It’s excellent and when compared to paid classes or a workout at the gym, Kit’s routine actually got results quicker for me and in less time than other work outs. Another great thing is that her workouts aren’t very intense either, despite having great toning effects, so you often aren’t sweating much. I hate sweating and looking like shit after a workout – doing these pilates routines I don’t look like a deranged madwoman afterwards, which is always good.

School of Life 

I find the School of Life founder Alain de Botton to be a bit of a pompous know-it-all at times but yet, this channel for School of Life offers great bite-sized philosophy and psychology takeaways. It’s a great channel to watch and then explore more deeply later on with books and so on. 

This channel by Leo Gura is a far more in-depth philosophy, psychology and spirituality channel which delves into all aspects of personal development. Leo offers 80+ hours of content on his channel and he will guide and show you how to bust through the beliefs and thoughts that are keeping you trapped in your mode of being. Some of his videos are a bit on the long side, often over a hour long but he really does deliver some decent meaty insights.

Daria Andronescu 

This wonderful vlogger Daria is a professional fashion stylist from Russia and based in Frankfurt, who offers high quality videos that will show you how to build an affordable capsule wardrobe, how to match outfits to your body shape and most importantly, how to make ethical clothing selections based on fabrics. Hint: avoid all synthetic fabrics and mixes and focus on getting clothes made from either organic cotton, lyocell or tencel, and hemp. You should definitely subscribe to this channel if you love fashion but also appreciate having some guidance on making the best classic purchases and also eco-friendly and sustainable fashion rather than fast fashion.

Jamie Oliver 

Jamie isn’t just a celebrity chef, nowadays he’s well-known for his promotion of healthy eating. His channel of recipes is really great. The production of the videos is always fast and engaging with dynamic cuts.  Formerly inaccessible recipes become easy in his hands. He also welcomes a lot of guest chefs onto the show including this one vegan guy Tim Sheiff whose vegan recipes are interspersed with him jumping all over the kitchen and over buildings, doing some ridiculous and show-offy parkour to crappy dupstep music. I found this funny for some reason. Although a redeeming feature is that Tim’s vegan recipes are pretty good. Still don’t let that video dissuade you, Jamie Oliver’s channel has loads of great recipes for meat lovers and vegie lovers alike.

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