Badass Bitch and Fashionista Lee Lin Chin

My Favourite Fashionista Lee Lin Chin

Recently Lee Lin Chin bowed out as SBS World News’ most loved news anchor for the past 30 years. She is well-known in Australia for her graceful presence, avante-garde fashion sense, acid tongue and a strangely monotone way of delivering the news.

Badass Bitch and Fashionista Lee Lin Chin

Her twitter account is totally outrageous and she has won a cult following with her edgy, darkly funny and shocking tweets. I just love her rebellious and wild she is. And in a domain that’s normally dominated by much younger, boring, homogenous and white European faces -she has become an icon because of how different she is and also because she simply doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of her. I love you Lee Lin!

She isn’t retiring thank god and is apparently going to host a celebrity gossip show on SBS and will lend her face to a public transport campaign in Sydney soon.

Some gems from hrh lee lin chin

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